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"Meet My Project" (Milan)

Jos Blom from the Netherlands will participate in the 14th edition of "Meet my Project" in Milan.  Check it out at the Next Agency on Viali Crispi.

By Editor / 03-04-2014

"Meet my Project" invites progressive designers whose work is considered innovative in the world of textiles and furniture.  The mission of the event is to promote design and contemporary creativity and unite the various actors of the design world supporting this process. 

Henk by Jos Blom is a simple table lamp. The body of Henk consists of two birch ply parts that slot together to form a stable tripod. A colored elastic cord connects the two white plastic shells to the body. Through these diffusing shells Henk gives a soft and comfortable light.

The CNC milled body is fully prepared for the lamps assembly. The cord and socket have simply been clamped into their cut-outs. Because of Henks low tech assembly, replacing a bulb is an easy job.

Henk has a big handle on top to make it easy to move him around.

This is Blom's first time to exhibit with "Meet My Project" and he says for him it is more like an experiment.  "I am not sure what I expect yet," he says.  "Maybe I will get a brand interested or maybe I will get a new commission.  I am nor sure yet."

"Meet my Project"
8-12 April 2014
at Next Agency
Viale Crispi, 5
20121 MILAN